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Where should you be to win?

You Can Build Great Things from Anywhere

Startups are Everywhere

The 160,000 active startups in the world are scattered around the globe. Startup people — coders, product managers, designers, marketers, entrepreneurs — can work from anywhere in the world like no other profession in the history of mankind.

Even the term “remote work” has become too limiting as it suggests some mythical central place where “real” work and value creation happen, and then some poor souls who are unfortunately “remote” from it. This is just not true for startup people who can move bits to create value no matter where the atoms of their body happen to be.

Startup People Move Around

There will never be just one startup hub for everyone. Ambitious startups build products for clients around the world. Where their clients are might not be the lower cost places where, in startup lingo, you can “extend your runway”. Which, in turn might not be the places where your team truly can enjoy the quality of life outside work. Or places where the cutting edge innovation you’re working on is encouraged or even legal.

Then there are places where it is 10X easier to raise funding. And there are places where you can hire the talent you need to grow. If carefully and objectively considered, all of these best places where startup people need to be to win are increasingly scattered dots on the world map.

Example Location Math for a Startup Engineer:


Open Startup Jobs: 183

Total Net Income:










Total Costs:


Payout from
moving to
New York:

New York

Open Startup Jobs: 516

Total Net Income:










Total Costs:



Millions Ahead Of You Already Move Around

  • 232M

    people are living outside their home country
    and this number will double in the next ~25 years

  • 50%

    of college graduates in usa,
    have left home state by age of 30

  • 20%

    people in the world
    already telecommute

  • 56M

    people work online by 2016
    and thus CAN choose freely where they live

  • 60H+

    per person wasted in commute every year in large US cities

  • 160K

    Active startups being built by people who are more mobile than they realize

Bay Area Teleport Beta

Building tools to find the best locations for startup people anywhere in the world is a work in progress. We recently released a free and fully functional beta of our location optimization technology for you to get an early sense of where we’re headed.


Our first beta product is focused on finding you the best place to live and work in the broader San Francisco Bay Area. Startup people cycle through Silicon Valley more than anywhere else – this is why we started here.


If you already live and work in the Bay Area, just tell us where to kick off an optimization. If you’re not in the Bay Area yet, please share what you know about potential jobs or home towns, and we’ll help you understand the impact to your life.


Add some filters and tell us what qualities of life matter to you the most. Play around to view optimal locations updated in real time.


Click, zoom, and explore the places on the map. Click inside a neighbourhood to view a fully detailed page for that location.


Results of your search are sorted by how well they match your criteria. Add intriguing places to your shortlist and share it with your friends to get their opinion.


Once you find a place that looks intriguing we provide tools to drill down in the details:

COST: How much would you be spending on rent and to get around?

COMMUTE: Figuring out your options from walking to Caltrain and Uber fees.

PEOPLE: Which of the people you already know are living nearby? And which like-minded people you don’t know could you meet here?

QUALITY OF LIFE: Does a “Restaurant” here mean a Jack in the Box or does it have Michelin stars? Is it more of an open air hiking trails or indoor yoga kind of area?

WORK: Can I find startup jobs at physical offices around here, or is it more of a hideout to work over the internet?

COMPARE: How does this place rank for crime & safety around the Bay? Which other places should I look at to save a bit more money or commute a bit less?

DISCUSS: Ask for advice and let others know what you’ve learned about this place.

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