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Explore life quality data
on more than 250 cities worldwide,
based on hundreds of sources.

We aggregate city life quality data from hundreds of sources including open government sources, OECD, NASA and many more. This enables you to compare well-being across hundreds of cities worldwide based on over 180 data categories.

Compare local costs of living
& estimate your potential salary in a new city.

Analyze the salary levels of your profession in each city and compare it to the local costs of living, including taxes and housing. Find out whether a move would make you financially better or worse.

Create your personal city ranking.
Discover which city fits you best.

Pick your personal preferences from over 20 life quality categories to what really matters to you. Based on your preferences and our data, we calculate your personal match score for each city and show you how well each city meets your personal needs.

What people say



Architectural Consultant from the US
"Teleport has been so helpful in all aspects in arranging my thoughts and all the things that I have to plan ahead and think about which normally would take hours researching on the internet (despite having moved so often). The checklists, the personal to-do lists and the ability to also scope out the market and the great referencing websites make everything user friendly and the interface is flawless."


QA engineer from Florida
"Teleport helped me digest the overwhelming amount of information concerning the San Francisco housing market and enabled me to confidently settle on an area to live. The user friendly and intuitive interface made the experience that much more enjoyable."


Recently graduated student athlete from Narragansett
"Teleport has completely changed the way I think about travel. I was able to create a world trip itinerary in a fraction of the time compared to traditional travel websites. Teleport has allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of available destinations that has not previously been possible."


Software engineer from Paris
"A few months ago, I decided to quit my job and travel. So, I searched the web for some tools that would help me find a new location, and found Teleport. It definitively helped me to pick up my next destination! It may be the first of a long series."


Entrepreneur & engineer from Mexico
"When I moved from Mexico to Estonia, the economies were in a way similar and therefore the transition was not so hard. Then from Tallinn to California the cost of living change was totally different."


Software designer and engineer from Caracas
"Teleport for Startup Cities was a major contributing factor in my decision to establish in Berlin, Germany. I arrived last Friday and I'm loving it so far. Thanks to friends I already had in the city and Teleport I was able to make an informed decision and I think I definitely made the right choice."


Sales/BD/Evangelist & VC from New York
"I love everything about living and working remotely. I am passionate about being able to experience different parts of the world, learn different cultures, languages and to be able to help build a startup all at the same time. I think all of these things are synergistic. It's important when you move to a new place to be able to understand where to live, how to get around, where to eat, what to do and how much everything is going to cost. I have lived in Eastern Europe, East Asia, South Asia, South America and in the US over the last 3 years. Can't wait to experience my next destination!"


Service designer and entrepreneur from Tallinn, Estonia
"I came to Australia to look for new challenges. I enjoy my career opportunities here and love the lifestyle Melbourne offers. But more than the financial benefit, it is the healthy work-life balance that I can now afford."


Product manager from Herndon, Virginia
"I moved back to San Francisco, CA to work at Facebook and because it's the center of the tech industry currently. Location changes affect me financially in so many ways, usually to the negative initially. Poor understanding of the local cost of living, tax structure, and pay scales can cause one to under negotiate or to have expectations on living standards out of line in comparison with past cities."


UX designer from Tehran, Iran
"I don't buy crap and try to keep my belongings to essentials. It has been working well so far, I go where the best jobs are and pay is normally good. I did not like living in the US any more. Will settle down in Tallinn for a while. I have made my international connections, right now I just need to be in a place where I can focus on my own projects."


Product designer from Sheffield, UK
"Travel means a lot of paperwork. Receipts, expenses, dealing with taxes. My finances, both work and personal get fragmented as I move around the world with various cards and accounts and currencies. Another issue is the 'Outsider factor'. You don't really know the good places – the stuff you learn about a city from living there for years – where to get great value."

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