October 2016


What going remote did for Elementary Digital

Is it worth putting the people at the heart of the company, taking the office out of the equation and becoming a distributed team? Here’s one startup’s story of becoming remote, the challenges it posed, and the benefits added in the end. Perhaps it was reading too many new wave business books or taking inspiration […]


Free People Move—meet Matt

Nothing makes us happier than people reaching out and sharing their experience of making a move with a little help from Teleport. Everyone, say hi to Matt, who recently Teleported to Mexico City! Hello! Who are you? My name’s Matt, and I was born and raised in New York. When growing up, my parents traveled […]


The 5 best cities in the world for designers

Which cities in the world have the best combination of reasonable costs of living, an active tech scene, and an inspiring cultural and artistic background? Underneath the income, living costs & quality of life preferences you can toggle in Teleport Cities, there are around 300 different data dimensions from 70+ sources, with topics ranging from […]


Explore these new 33 cities

It’s time for another batch of locations added into Teleport Cities. Now that we’ve got over 250 places in the app, adding more means getting to the proper exciting city gems that you might have not even heard about! Having more cities in the app is great because it means you have more locations to […]


Here’s why you should come back

If you haven’t used Teleport Cities for a while, there’s a good chance you’ve been missing out on some pretty nifty stuff we’ve developed recently. Here’s what’s new. We try to take in our users’ feedback as frequently as possible and combine it with our own ideas for improving Teleport Cities and making it a […]

September 2016


Who cares about … ?

At Teleport, we collect a lot of data on cities all over the world. We help users slice and dice this data and figure out which city is optimal based on their individual preferences. We also see what Teleport users care about when making their choices. Previously, we had looked at how similar cities are […]


Stupid data is stupid: on the subjectivity of scoring

At Teleport we’re all about helping our users make sense of data. We try to go the extra mile to make sure we’re aggregating multiple sources to get more reliable data and work hard on visualizations to help our users make sense of all those cities out there. I mean, just look at this! Despite […]


Trigger happy data

At Teleport data lair, we’re always busy adding new city data for users to compare and rank cities. Just recently, we added LGBT info and data on outdoors. The next addition rolling out will be detailed data on gun ownership and gun related crime. The number we’d like to show our users is the number […]


Free People Move—episode 16: Flystein, the genius powered flight search

We called up Roman Kalyakin, co-founder of Flystein, the “genius powered flight search”, to chat about what Flystein does, how they do it, and how it makes traveling on a budget a whole lot easier. Besides giving the podcast a listen, make sure you check out the guest post team Flystein wrote for us about […]


Have a question? Ask a local!

Pragmatic and straight-forward data is great. However, something we hear a lot from our users is the importance of being able to also connect and discuss with real people who have lived or are currently living in a city. Ask a Local has been available in Teleport Cities for a while now, but based on […]


San Francisco misses the cut: the five best cities for software developers

Tallinn, Estonia, September 8, 2016: Software Developers care most about pollution, crime, living costs and the startup scene when choosing a city in which to work and live, according to new data from Teleport, an international software company that helps its 190,000 users move to cities that are compatible with their personal living preferences. When […]


5 Flight Hacks Every Traveler Should Know

Traveling is the only thing that you can buy that makes you richer. There’s a point to that, although more often than not, traveling takes a good chunk out of your bank account. But what we at Flystein like to show people is that it doesn’t have to be like that. We play a game […]


“So, you’re like Tinder for cities?”

Airbnb for dogs? Uber for vegetables? These comparisons are everywhere right now, and we’re not an exception. Is Teleport like Tinder for cities? Who knows where the Tinder for cities thing really started. We’ve thought about it, we might have said it a few times, and then, suddenly, it was in nearly every article written […]


Which challenges do governments face in a new mobile world?

Sten Tamkivi, CEO of Teleport, took the stage at the Future of Identity 2016 conference in Tallinn today, discussing knowledge work, what it means, how mobility is changing the world and what kind of challenges that poses to governments. Here’s a recap. The 2016 Future of Identity conference in Tallinn features the topics of identity, […]

August 2016


Teleport ♥ Equaldex

We believe in tolerant societies. We also believe in readily available and transparent data on all aspects of life. That’s why we’ve kicked off a collaboration with Equaldex – a collaborative knowledge base for the LGBT movement. The team behind Equaldex aims to crowdsource every law related to LGBT rights to provide a comprehensive and […]


A chat with Ben Horowitz

Ben Horowitz, cofounder and General Partner of the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (also one of our investors) stopped by the Teleport office on his recent visit to Tallinn. Here’s a video recap of the meetup. Ben was in Tallinn a few weeks ago for a board meeting with TransferWise—a16z’s biggest investment outside of Silicon […]


New locations in Teleport Cities

It’s time for another batch of locations added into Teleport Cities. We’re getting more and more ambitious with the amount of cities we add at a time—check out these 38 new places you can now discover! Having more cities in the app is great because it means you have more locations to discover and compare. […]

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