As digital nomads become the talk of the town it is fascinating to see how the way of life finds followers from wide array of professions. Just consider these few examples:

1. Artist. You can work with materials, capture the imagery (or let it be captured by others), then wait for it to become viral. Anywhere in the world.

2. Unique specialist. With skills like brain surgery, you can use complicated equipment to work from other places than where your patient (literally) lays.

3. Lifestyle junkie. Whenever the live weather app goes off on your phone you stop the meeting and make it to the nearest windsurfing or gliding location ASAP.

4. Activist. You can live without money or documents, you can live in strangest of places, and still raise support for your cause.

5. Hermit. There are some really lonely jobs like being a lighthouse maintenant or even an astronaut. But when you get tired of lonelyness, you can hang online and sing Space Oddity to the world.

6. Spook. Databases for spying are getting better by an hour.

Any other peculiar digital nomads you know? Share a story with us! We'd like to know and share them all.