If you signed up in time and listed the San Francisco Bay Area as your search interest, you should  have already received your login details by email. Thank you for all the great feedback we've received already. We cannot wait to hear more.


If you did not receive an invite yet - no worries. We are implementing a gradual rollout to the waitlist with every update. Just sign up here.

Secondly, we would like to announce that Teleport, Inc has closed a $2.5M seed round led by Andreessen Horowitz, followed by SV AngelSeedcamp, and a list of individual angels from Silicon Valley and Europe. I could not be happier with their vote of confidence and support for our mission.

Our full-time team is now six members strong (we're hiring!) in addition to an equal number of freelancers. As true believers in the freedom to choose where to live and work, we have already spread out to four countries on two continents. After conducting an internal location optimization exercise, we opened a main R&D office in Tallinn, Estonia, and a Silicon Valley outpost at Stanford University's renowned StartX co-working space.

On this day just four months ago, Balaji, Silver and I put up a modest signup page and published our first blog post sharing an early vision of a mobile world to come. We have been humbled by the immediate and unexpected attention since. Digital nomads have signed up from around the world. Stories, suggestions and contacts flow in every day through our web site, our @TeleportInc Twitter account, and our official Facebook page. We are working frantically to meet this demand with delightful products for all of you.

Free people move. We can't help it.

Co-founder and CEO