Many people who are truly passionate about their nomadic lifestyle often decide to turn their worldly possessions–including their homes–completely mobile. Usually, this transition requires some downsizing and a few other material sacrifices. In exchange for abandoning their static lifestyles, these nomads are given much more opportunities to “go wherever whim and chance might take them.”

One of the most popular and iconic mobile homes is the recreational vehicle, or the RV. The history of the modern RV in the United States can be traced back to the Great Depression. Today, however, they are not only popular among retirees, but also among young professionals and entrepreneurs. Although most nomads who choose to live in RVs have lower costs of living compared to urban and suburban residents, their quality of life is not necessarily worse. Many modern RVs are equipped with Wi-Fi, air conditioning, a full kitchen, showers, hardwood flooring, and a plethora of other amenities that you would expect from any apartment. Furthermore, when these nomads travel, they can always travel in the comfort of their own home.

Of course, RV living is definitely not for everyone. Even the most luxurious RV will feel cramped compared to houses or apartments (well, maybe not the apartments in San Francisco). Some other obvious downsides include the inability to receive physical mail on a regular basis, sporadic internet access, and the rising cost of gas. Shopping for groceries becomes a problem if you are consistently travelling to secluded areas away from the rest of humanity. On the other hand, finding parking for a large RV also becomes an issue once you get closer to major cities and suburbs. However, if you are like one of the many enthusiastic nomads who accept these challenges as a natural part of their wandering lifestyle, then RV living may be just the thing for you.

The price of a comfortable modern RV ranges from $30,000 on the low end to hedonistic luxury RVs at $3 million for those who have the capability to splurge a little. Trailer Life Magazine has essential and up-to-date resources for RV purchases, how-to videos, destinations, blogs, and more to get you started.

1 The eleMMent Palazzo mobile home

2 Inside the eleMMent Palazzo