This morning we released an update to the Bay Area Teleport, the first technology preview of our place scouting software we started rolling out in November. We have really enjoyed the early interest and really insightful feedback from early adopters like you.

Reacting to what we've heard from you we have added a number of improvements today:

First of all, we did some basic optimizations to make Teleport usable on mobile phones. The site still works best on larger screens - so we recommend using a computer or a tablet with a web browser for best experience. You get colorful maps and everything when there is enough screen space!

On the more visible side we've added a few top requested data sets you can use when optimizing your life in the Bay Area:

  1. Schools have been the most requested data layer. You can now use academic evaluation scores of K-12 public schools as search criteria to find the best place to live with kids.
  2. Public transportation, or rather avoiding the traffic jams in a car has been second most requested data set, so we got it started with by adding CalTrain/BART time and cost calculations.
  3. Mobile coverage - for those of us with the luxury of working from anywhere lack of decent 4G/LTE often ruins the natural beauty of remoter locations.

Hope you take the San Francisco Bay Area search for a spin and let us know what you think and what we should build next to help you most. Both specifically around Silicon Valley, but also when you think of any other city in the world where you happen to spend time living and working.

We would especially love to hear from you if you're moving around in the world to make your a tech startup successful - as a founder, developer, designer or in any other role. Besides the Feedback button on the site and in product, you could also help us by filling this quick 3-question survey - thank you!

And if we don't happen to talk before: all of us at Teleport wish you spectacular holidays and all the best for the end of the year!

Sten Tamkivi
Co-founder & CEO