We are just so grateful to have you as an early friend of Teleport.

Many of you have tried out what we've built and given some great feedback - thanks for that. And I know many others are still waiting when Teleport comes to all other cities you live in. I'm glad to say we are making good progress capturing the life quality data about the world, and you can expect some beta news around new cities searchable via a brand new Teleport app soon!

Meanwhile we decided to try a more compact monthly newsletter format to stay in touch, but not overwhelm you. Please see below for a compact summary of most interesting reads for startup people on the move, and some things we published at Teleport in the month of January.

I do hope this is useful for you, but as always - please let me know if we could do something better,

Co-founder & CEO

Our summary of interesting reads from January:


Free People Move (and read):

Teleport One Line News:

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