(EDIT: Teleport Cities is now also available on the web if you want to try it immediately. Or download the mobile apps: Android, iOS)

Today is an exciting day for all startup people on the move. Here at Teleport we are just giddy to release the first version of a brand new mobile app for iOS and Android that lets you find out which of the top 100 startup cities you should be in and how you can get there. In mere minutes you can discover and budget your next move.


Remote work and global culture have been in our blood from the start. Our own core team is spread between 3 continents and 5 countries and we are committed to creating a culture and environment that allows our people to do great work from wherever they wish to be.

This freedom raises a new question: where should you be at any given time? Sometimes you want to reduce cost to extend runway, then find like-minded people to build with, be closer to the people that matter to you or just enjoy as happy a life as you possibly can. Depending on you and your goal, the answer to your best place varies depending on your location and time. In today's world there isn't one place that is best for everything. You can’t just stay put in one location and win.

Teleport Cities app lets you Discover and Budget Your Next Move:

  • Choose your personal preferences for cost and quality of life
  • Drill into the details of your budget and life quality for any of the top 100 startup-friendly cities around the world that best match your needs
  • Follow cities you frequent or just dream about, and never miss an important update on how their fit for you changes
  • Make your move actually happen: request help from real Teleport Scouts and get directly in touch with progressive governments who have joined Teleport to attract talent

How does it work?

We've built a unique search algorithm to capture aspects of your personal profile and match it with over a hundred data layers we've gathered for cities around the world on quality of life, living costs and startup scene activity. We are starting with the 100 most vibrant, creative and startup-friendly cities, presented in a mobile app with a simple, visual, ambient search experience.


As you build up your profile and follow the cities you've been to or intend to spend time in, Teleport keeps running queries for you in the background to occasionally let you know what's important regarding your next move.

Those of you familiar with Bay Area Teleport, the first location search product we released late last year, already have some experience with how a 30 minute change in daily commute can sometimes mean a $30,000 annual impact to your rent budget around the super expensive Silicon Valley. With Teleport Cities we are "zooming out" on the globe to give you a broader view across 100 cities and unlock potentially even larger wins.

Last but not least, Teleport Cities is not just about finding your best place, we are also making the first steps in helping you actually get there. Behind every city's details you will find a Get There tab where you can ask a question or request budgeting help from real people called Teleport Scouts. In select cities with progressive governments, like Tallinn, Estonia or Helsinki, Finland, you will find a feature to get directly in touch with professionals whose job is to help top talent move and settle in their fine environment.

Where can I get it?

The app is available right now for iPhone here and Android here.

We have a cool roadmap of future innovations for free people on the move that we want to build on the foundation released today. Not just for you, but with you. Feedback from our users is more valuable than anything.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or critique for Teleport Cities, please write to us at feedback@teleport.org, or hit the Feedback button in the app itself. And if you want us to roll out data coverage to more cities, there is also a way to vote for your favourites in the app.

Thank you,

the hard-working, but happy people at Teleport