Hello, free people on the move! Another week and another release from Teleport, which we are really hoping will make you happy. We are proud to present a simple tool called Teleport Flock, that lets groups of people discover and budget their next get-together anywhere in the world.

"Birds of a feather flock together," as the proverb goes. Ever since we embarked on our mission of helping free people move around, we've heard from you (like in this survey of startup people) that a crucial input into the decisions of where you should be are the locations of other people. Our first products released to date, like the Bay Area Teleport and Teleport for Startup Cities have been focused on solving location questions for individuals first, but we've always known how much your family, team, friends, clients and other groups influence your choices.

So, while we iterate on our core products, we decided to release a quick fix for the common problem of group move coordination we've been hearing about. Please meet Teleport Flock:


Looks like Team Teleport should get together in Amsterdam!


Teleport Flock finds your distributed team the best meeting place in the world to save time and money.


Remote work is great. That said, best performing teams know the value of gathering everyone in the same room regularly. Discuss strategy, review products, plan roadmaps, code together, push a release, manage a crisis, have teambuilding fun and celebrate your success. Call it an offsite, summit or just a meeting.


List your team members and their current cities. We'll do some math, find the most time & cost effective place to meet, and even suggest which flights and housing to book for your meeting. Share the outcome with the participating team for their input.

It is amazing how simple this can be, just give it a try yourself. Feels like magic, we promise. If you've ever been in charge of pulling together an offsite meeting, those days of endless googling around with 27 tabs of travel sites open in browser tabs just got reduced to mere minutes. Boom!

Hope you'll enjoy your distributed team's next face time together as much as we do with Team Teleport. We look forward to hearing how it worked for you and how we could make your life on the move even easier in the future.


Co-founder & CEO

And all the hard-working, but
happy people at Teleport

Check out this demo video for a sneak peek at how Teleport Flock works: