Now that the Teleport Cities app is out there for you to enjoy, we’ll start posting a short feature spotlight every week to introduce the main elements of the app, both web and mobile. We hope this will help you get most out of the software we've built for you -- and if anything remains unclear or you have ideas for improvements, let's discuss in the comments!

The first thing to do when starting up with Teleport Cities mobile app for the first time, is to choose your personal preference tags for cost and quality of life. You can pick things that matter to you most - these will be your preferences that we’ll use to calculate your suitability with cities and your potential budget up-and downside. We ask you start with at least three things to kick off, to get more out of our algorithms than shooting just one dart in the dark. Don’t worry, you can change these any time later on.


Your chosen preferences are used to calculate your match scores with a 100 startup cities so you can see which places suit you best. We’ll talk about the match scores in more detail in an upcoming post.

Screenshot Result List

If you change your mind, you can always get back to your tags by resetting all your preferences. But the more nuanced way to do is to tap on the little icon on top left of the search view and change or add details to them.


In the web app, all your settings and preferences are on the left side of the screen in a sidebar, and you can toggle them all from there.


Now that you have your preferences set, you can go ahead and start finding out more about your best cities! If you have any questions, comments or feedback about the app, drop us an email at!