April 1st, formerly known as the international day of humor, marks the first birthday of Teleport, Inc - as we count it from our official incorporation date. During that year, our team has grown from three co-founders to about a dozen people: eight full time team members and several freelance experts for additional help. Teleport has become from an idea to a small, but functional startup. We are proud of our company culture and environment that allows our people to do great work from wherever in the world they choose to be.

And all this work is bearing fruit: a few days ago we released the Teleport for Startup Cities mobile app. It has taken a lot of hard work behind the scenes, and being able to release it to the public now is the best way ever to celebrate our first birthday!

Here's us having our weekly video call - as you can see, the birthday celebrations are in full swing with Silver eating a whole cake on his own!


In honor of the special day, I went around (which in our remote reality means: pinged them on Fleep) and asked some colleagues how they feel about progress in the past year, what they’re most proud of and what they think the future has in store for Teleport?

Karim, Software Engineer:

"A few months ago, I felt this itch to do something more, something that would let me be true to myself. I found it. So after all these months, it turns out that I feel satisfied with the work I'm doing with like-minded people. Rightly, this is just the beginning, but it is a very good beginning.

Balaji, co-founder:

"It's not every day that a new kind of search engine launches, one that can save you tens of thousands of dollars with a few clicks. We've built the new Teleport to (a) allow people to find the place in the world that they're supposed to be and (b) help them actually get there."

Joonathan, Software Engineer:

“It's been an amazing journey to go from a proof of concept to two large product launches within a year. I am honoured to be working with such a great team that we have assembled and I can be confident that with this team and the technologies we have built we can deliver far and beyond what people have seen so far.”

Silver, co-founder:

“It's been just an amazing year of us putting the core team together and already seeing the team work so well and produce results beyond expectations and across a multitude of stacks. It's just cool to see how different types of expertise morph into this awesome single Teleport entity working towards our grand vision. I think both the Bay Area search and Teleport for Startup Cities exceeded my expectation in terms of how our very first products came out.

I also moved again after a 4 year pause and ended up in Colombia, which would have been hard to imagine even two years ago. A lot has changed since I last moved around and it's been a refreshing learning experience to see how much technology has already changed the landscape (airbnb, uber). Kind of gives a taste of what we can do for our users if we put our tech minds to it.

As for the plans, I personally see the mobile app as the glue that puts all the pieces together that we now need to iterate on to make sure we can continue to inspire people to get on the move.”

Thomas, UX Designer:

"There are so many people out there who dream about living somewhere else, a place that fits better to their needs, but moving feels like such a big task. Financially, logistically, legally... so many don’t even start or try planning.

Being part of a project that lowers this barrier for people to start moving, that helps people with just a few taps to get confidence that moving is doable, and that in the end made their life maybe a little bit happier, is a great experience. It’s still the early days, but hey… we are moving."

Ardo, Data Scientist:

“Humans have always been good at drawing borders and building fences. What has motivated me about Teleport from the start, is the aspiration to dim these borders and diminish the fences by giving people the means to find out where they should be and how they can get there.

We've barely set out on this wild ride but we have an amazing group of people taking part in it. I'm proud to have been involved in what we've accomplished so far and super excited about what lies ahead.”

Sten, co-founder & CEO:

"It is a super powerful feeling when you've worked on something for a year (and more) in relative isolation, with just a small number of early advisors and private testers -- and then the day comes where the first people you do not know personally start sharing on Twitter how what you've built has been useful for them.

Ultimately, that is the feeling we've gathered here to create, I'm proud that we've made it to the first taste and I'm sure we'll make much more difference in the users lives in years yet to come. Amazing teams know that it is much less about us and much more about other people, in our case, free people on the move."

We’re excited about what the future has in store for Teleport, and hopefully you are, too! If you have any questions or feedback for us, please don’t hesitate to drop us an email at contact@teleport.org.

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