Cities are dynamic and constantly changing. It pays off to follow cities you’ve been to, lived in or even dream of moving to, just to get important updates about them.

These could be big changes in rent prices, job opportunities in new startups, cheap flight deals for quick visits, tax filing reminders, updates on friends moving there or whatever else that could be exciting to learn.

We’re constantly working on bringing more relevant and exciting news to you and you’ll be the first to know when you follow a few of your favorite cities in the app. Don’t worry though, we’ll keep the message flow low and relevant and also provide a feedback button with each message, so you can let us know what type of stuff you want to see in your feed.


To follow a city, just click the Follow button on the right lower hand corner of the city image in any city detail view in both the mobile and web app. Those of you who allowed Teleport Cities mobile app to send you push notifications will surely not miss any exciting news.



We’re always looking to improve your experience, so besides using the feedback buttons in the app, feel free to drop us an email at with any suggestions on what you would like to see on your feed.