Hello beautiful people,

a month after launching the Teleport for Startup cities app you can now search across 105 (we already added a few!) startup-friendly cities around the world. If you have not tried it yet, get it now for iPhone or Android. We're getting a lot of good user feedback directly, and the world is taking notice: following some early attention on Product Hunt, Teleport was listed as a "predicted tech hit for 2016" by New York Magazine.

We did not stop there, of course, and had another exciting launch this month: Teleport Flock is our first foray into helping groups of people figure out where they should be. As a simple start, just tell us where the people in your distributed team are, and we'll do the math on where you should meet, given the flight connections, ticket and housing costs. Warning: this visual tool has been said to be surprisingly addictive.

Lastly, we have ventured out of the written word domain and spoke about our mission much more. If you're the kind of person who enjoys a good podcast on a jog or commute, here are a few: a discussion about the changing role of Silicon Valley and remote work with Andreessen Horowitz podcast, a chat on our founders-from-Europe story with Seedcamp podcast, and last but not least - the first episodes of our very own Teleport podcast called Free People Move.

Thanks for being on this journey with us and talk again soon,

Sten Tamkivi
Co-founder and CEO

Our summary of interesting reads from April:


Free People Move (and read):

  • Looking to start up on the other side of the world? Jump into the Founded X Startup Statistics to find your perfect location.
  • Youjin Do wants to stop selling the digital nomad lifestyle as a miracle cure and instead expose its reality.
  • Leaving can be hard, but Debra Bruno writes about the truth of coming home – repatriation – being even harder.

Teleport One Line News:

  • Silver published the most read story in Teleport history - Good Luck Being Born Tomorrow! Read the post here.
  • We wrote a few feature posts on Teleport for Startup Cities - learn about your preferences, match score and following cities.
  • How realistic are the glamorous images of laptops on the beach? Daniel discusses.

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