In the previous Teleport Cities feature post we covered the budget upside and downside feature that gives you information about how your budget would change for the better or worse if you relocated to another city.

In addition to your match score and budget breakdown in a city’s detail view, there’s also a widget that covers the job market situation to get you up to date about the work opportunities in your potential next destination.

Even if you’re not actually currently looking for a job, it’ll give you a great overview of the job market in that city for future reference if you need it. You’ll find it by scrolling past your budget and living costs sections in the detail view, in both the mobile and web app.



When you signed up to use Teleport Cities, you told us a bit about your current position and monthly income. In the job market section you can see your estimated annual salary based on your current income and also the difference of annual salary compared to your current city. This is a cool little budget-related feature that allows you to see specifically your potential salary changes without other budget factors included.

If you have stated in your personal preferences (Preferences > Job Market) that you already have a remote job that you can continue doing in the new city, then we won’t calculate your salary estimates in a new location, but instead replace it with your current salary - however, you can still see and browse the job openings if you wish.

To give you an overview of job offers and make browsing them as easy as possible for you, we integrated with AngelList and pulled together data about all open startup positions listed in that city. If you’d like to see the list of all of the offers in more detail, there’s a link under the job market section that takes you straight to the full list on Angel to browse the ads and apply for the positions if you want to.

To give you a more detailed overview of the startup scene in general in your chosen city, there is a startup scene section right below the job market widget in the mobile app, and above it in the web app.




This gives you an overview of all startups registered on AngelList in that city, and you can also see how many of them are founded recently. Below that data is a list of most common startup fields so you can see whether your areas of expertise or areas you’re passionate about are big in your chosen city or not.

If you have any questions or feedback about the job market and startup scene widgets or anything else at all, please don't hesitate to email us at!

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