Dear friends of Teleport,

May has been a great month for improvements and additions. We've listened to your feedback, worked hard and added a few cool features to the Teleport for Startup Cities mobile app, including multi-currency, budget widget changes and the very exciting Ask a Local community, that will hopefully help you get moving related advice and information you need from people who know best.

After releasing Teleport Flock, we've had our minds on what else we can do with it to make it even more awesome. Therefore - in May we did some magic, and the Flock-Twitter integration was born - you can now make Flock queries through Twitter, and it's actually a lot of fun!

Awesome feature additions and nifty new tools aside, we've been busy catching up with fascinating people from the startup community - check out our collection of links and interviews from this month below, and don't forget to keep your eye on our blog and podcast!

Happy discussing, Flocking and reading!

Elen Veenpere
Teleport marketing team


Our summary of interesting reads from May:


Free People Move (and read):

Teleport One Line News:

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