We know that moving raises a lot of questions - that’s why we built Ask a Local. It’s a question-answer site inside Teleport Cities where real locals in each city can help you answer questions about anything that you’re curious about or that could make your moving process easier.

The app itself provides you with all sorts of information about your potential new city, but sometimes it’s better to get some inside scoop from someone who knows best - real people who have lived or moved there.

With your help, we want to eventually build a knowledge base for everyone who’s currently moving or planning a move to a new city. We all have questions when it comes to relocating, and most of the time we’re not alone - if you ask a question about something that helps you, there’s a good chance it will help other people, too!

You can find the Ask a Local section under every city’s detail view in both the web and mobile app.



Besides asking for advice, Ask a Local is also a good platform to reach out to the local community before you head out to start building your network. The same can be said for locals who are interested in learning about new cool people moving to their location. A good way to make yourself visible and maybe even meet some new people is to be proactive and helpful in the Ask a Local forum of your city and make your local community a better place!

Ask a Local is a new and exciting feature for us as well as our users and we’re planning to largely improve it as we go along. If you have any ideas or feedback about how we could make this community even more useful for you, please let us know - drop us an email at contact@teleport.org and we can have a chat!