When you started out with Teleport Cities mobile app, you chose some preferences and told us a bit about yourself, based on which we calculated your initial match with different startup cities. You can get even better results by personalizing the app to make sure it’s a perfectly exact match to what matters to you.

In the top left corner of the city matches page as well as your profile view, you will see a little dropdown icon - yes, that one:


From there you can change your personal data as well as further personalize different aspects such as living costs, job market, safety, traffic and a lot more.


For example - if you’re a techie like us and good internet connection is as important as breathing to you, go to the internet access tab and let us know exactly how much it matters - we will filter your city matches even further according to these preferences.


If you feel like starting over, you can clear all your preferences in the bottom of the page.

In the web app, you can toggle all of your preferences in the left hand Preferences sidebar when logged in.

Hopefully this will help you make Teleport Cities even more useful - as always, if you have any questions, you can drop us an e-mail at contact@teleport.org.