So, you’ve chosen your preferences and found out the cities that suit you best. Now, why not share those results with your friends to ask for their input or start a conversation about any other options? After we built Teleport Cities mobile app, we noticed that a lot of people were already sharing their results on their own - so, we decided to make it into an actual feature in the app to make it easier for you!

If you scroll to the very top of your best matches list, you’ll see the “share your results” button.


From there, you have several options for sharing your results - whether it’s on social media or by email, you can let everyone know what your top cities are.


Not only is it interesting information and a great way to let people know about your potential exciting plans, but your friends might just discover the Teleport Cities app for themselves and find their own perfect destinations!

Sharing your results will generate a link to your top cities, that will look like this:


We hope you find the sharing feature useful and fun to play with! If you've got any questions or feedback, we're always here - email us at and we'll have a chat.

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