The Teleport Cities mobile app offers an in-depth overview of 104 startup cities around the world. Now you can easily access and link to a good chunk of that information outside of the app on the Teleport website as well - City Pages are just right for when you need to have a look at or share a quick fix of overall startup city data with no logging in required!

You can find a full list of cities here.


The City Pages include most of the information you can see in the mobile app city views without the fancy search across 100+ parameters available - an overview of which qualities of life the city ranks worst and best in, a full city score card, a quick glance at average living costs and most notable startups in that city along with job openings if there are any (with links to go apply directly!).

The individual city pages are easy to link to and view and provide a great collective knowledge base about the startup scene and living conditions in different places for any time you need to share it.

Show it to a friend who’s thinking of moving to one of these cities, let your family members know what your next destination is going to be like, give information to your relocating employees about what to expect or tell your users why your location is the best - the options are a plenty.


The City Pages are good for a general overview of any city and its scene, finding job opportunities in your favourite places or just for checking up on and sharing some information - all in all a great first peek before going into a full-on search flow. However, if you would also like:

  • an in-depth comparison of the startup cities to the location you’re currently in
  • precise budget calculations for planning your next move
  • advice about moving from a real local or a Teleport Scout

then you should still power up our mobile app instead. Have any questions, comments or feedback? Let us know at