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coming out of June we can finally say that with Teleport for Startup Cities mobile app we don't just find you the best place to live in, but actually help you to get there! You can now start informative discussions with real locals in each city using our Ask a Local community, and we're also very proud to officially launch Teleport Scouts - a team of experts to help you make your move.

In other big news are the City Pages. You already know how you can see key information about different locations in the app - now you can view (and share!) most of that on the web, as well. Show it to a friend who's thinking of moving, let your family know what your next destination looks like or spread your city pride among your social circle.

We've also gone full speed ahead with our podcast series, Free People Move, and now have our very own podcast page where you can catch up with our discussions - last month's sweet audio treats include chats with Thomas Schranz from Blossom, Bruno Haid from Caravanserai and Alexey Komissarouk from Hacker Paradise. Also, make sure to check out our collection of links and interviews from this month below, and don't forget to keep your eye on our blog for the latest stories.


Elen Veenpere
Teleport marketing team


Our summary of interesting reads from June:


Free People Move (and read):

  • Trains are considered reliable, fast and cheap. But as a recent research project shows, there are major differences within Europe.
  • What makes people happy and what are the countries with the highest levels of happiness? Find out.
  • Have you ever wondered what the hardest countries to get a visa for are? Here's a list of them.

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