There are several things you can do as a Teleport Cities (including the mobile app) user to make sure your favourite locations become the stars of the app:

  • Vote for your city to be present
  • Review our data and give us feedback
  • Help other users by answering Ask a Local questions
  • Sign up as a Teleport Scout to give professional 1:1 help
  • Tell your government to get involved


Vote for your city to be present

Having a city included in the app is useful because it means we collect data about it to help people easily compare it to other places and budget their next move. If your city isn’t among the 110 locations in our app yet, fear not - you can vote for it both in the mobile and web app (and tell your friends to vote as well!) to make sure it gets there.

In your city results list in the mobile app, you can see a search icon in the top right corner. All you have to do is search for the city that’s not in our list yet and we’ll not only put it into the ranking of places we’re planning to add, but we’ll also let you know which place it currently stands on.


In the web app, you can search for the city in the top right corner of the page, and it works the same way as in the mobile app - if the city isn't in our list yet, you can cast your vote to make sure we'll add it soon. You can also choose to be notified by email when your city has made the list in both the mobile and web version, so you don’t miss out on the arrival of any of your favourite locations.


Review our data and give us feedback

Have you had a look at your favourite cities’ pages and data in Teleport Cities? Do you think something is missing or incorrect? Is there anything else you would like to see? Or is it absolutely on point and you love it?

Either way, let us know by dropping us a note at or using the feedback button in the app itself. We’re constantly striving towards improving our data and adding more useful widgets, so we’d love to hear your ideas.


Help other users by answering Ask a Local questions

Moving raises a lot of questions – that’s why we built Ask a Local, a question-answer site in the app, where real locals in each city can share advice about anything that could make the moving process easier. Ask a Local is available in both the mobile app and web version.

What’s better than helping more cool people to move to your city? Have a look at the Ask a Local tab of your favourite locations every now and then and answer questions from people interested in life where you are - you’ll be lending a hand to someone in need of advice, as well as promoting your city.

You can find the Ask a Local tab under every city’s detail view in both the mobile and web app.



Sign up as a Teleport Scout to give professional 1:1 help

Teleport Scouts are an expert team of locals who are eager to share their knowledge, do research and connect people to services and help they need when planning their move. Sounds like a great task you’d like to take on? Have some extra time to spend on helping people relocate? You can become a Scout now - read more and apply here.


Becoming a Scout is your chance to:

  • build your international network among interesting people roaming the planet
  • be a good promoter for your city and the local tech & creative scenes
  • help more cool startup people move to where you are, making your city a more interesting and vibrant place to live
  • make good use of your existing expertise and build new skills
  • try working together with a rare-quality startup team (ex-Skype, Andreessen-Horowitz-backed, fully distributed, shipping fast) and be best positioned to apply for any future roles as they come up.


Tell your government to get involved

In select cities with progressive governments, like Tallinn, Estonia or Helsinki, Finland, you will find a feature to get directly in touch with professionals whose job is to help top talent move and settle in their fine environment.


Your city could be the next one in the app to have a government link - if you have a way to get in touch with professionals in your country - investment agencies, officials who are interested in attracting tech talent, local startup accelerators etc - and want to tell them about Teleport and how we could work together, we’d love to hear from you. Email us at and we’ll have a chat!

If you have any questions, comments or ideas about Teleport Cities or anything at all, you're more than welcome to email us or drop us some feedback in the app.