In episode 8 of Free People Move we have a talk with Rodolphe Dutel, who’s the founder of Remotive - a newsletter and job board for remote workers - and spends the other half of his time working at Buffer!

Rodolphe was lucky to get into tech right after university and worked in several countries around the world. During his travels he realized how much he enjoys working with new cultures and remote teams, which inspired him to continue pursuing a remote career. After working in tech for a few years, Rodolphe decided to take a gap year to go traveling and work for himself from locations around the globe.

Since he enjoyed working in tech as well as moving around, he kept plotting on a way to make his adventures sustainable. Around the time, Buffer was hiring - Rodolphe applied, and hired he was! Buffer is an entirely remote team, which spiked his interest in remote work even more and encouraged him to strive for further improvement in juggling work and travel.

He started writing a few articles to help people embrace and effectively manage their remote lifestyles - they ended up creating a ton of interest, and that’s how Remotive was born! We also learn about how Remotive works - there’s not only a weekly newsletter with advice about best practices for remote work, but also a job board to help companies and remote workers find each other.

We have a chat about the things that he found intimidating when first starting out working remotely, and as a now experienced nomad, Rodolphe shares some tips for people who are looking into remote work themselves. We also go over his favourite tools to use when making sure his work is running smoothly. Hopefully it’s helpful for budding remote workers out there!

Rodolphe also shares the locations around the world he has liked best so far, and as always, we end the podcast by asking about some issues he’s come across in his travels that haven’t been fixed yet. Interested in what our podcast guests have said about that topic before? Read our summary from previous episodes here.

Happy listening!

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