Teleport Flock (and its integration with Twitter) took a big leap forward today: you can now book the tickets and housing for your upcoming meetup in a few clicks! That should easily save busy office admins and distributed team leads some 27 browser tabs full of queries.

Also, as a response to the requests of early Teleport Flock users, we've added some features to the place search process: compare your own destination ideas to the automated results, remove unwanted cities from your results list, view more destination information on City Pages and understand the impact of ground transportation (not just plane tickets) on total travel time.

Book this trip

Now, instead of going directly from Flock to HipMunk or Airbnb to book your flights and accommodation separately, you can get the whole thing done in one go. Just find the “Book this trip for the entire group” button under your search results.


Fill in your details in the pop-up window, and your request along with all of the information about your trip will be handled by our Scouts. They’ll look into best actual flight deals, housing and hotel options and get back to you with an itinerary and offer for booking the whole trip for you - completely hassle free. You can then either accept (and pay for) the order, or request further changes.

Add and remove cities from search results

Don’t think a certain location we offered is that interesting? That’s alright - hover over its name in the list and you will see a tiny red cross icon on the right hand side. Just click on it to remove the city from your results.

Got the opposite issue and wish to add a meeting place into the comparison that isn’t in your batch of cities? Scroll to the very bottom of your results list and you’ll see a slot where you can type in the name of a city that you like and see how it compares to the places we came up with.


View city pages

We’ve added a link to our city pages to locations that have one - if you’re particularly interested in a certain destination in your list and want to learn more about it, you can just click on the “Learn more about …” button just above your “Book this trip” option and we’ll take you to a city page with detailed information about living costs, job market, housing costs, startup scene and a lot more.

Accounting for ground transport times  

Flights tend to take up most of the time when you’re traveling long distances, but now the travel time estimations in Flock are more accurate by adding in the time that it will take for ground transport - getting from the city centres to the nearest airports.


And that's it for this time. If you've got ideas, feedback or comments, drop us a note at!

New to Teleport Flock? Check out this quick demo video of how it works: