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Finding the best time to connect with your remote team members across different time zones just became a whole lot easier. Meet Teleport Sundial - a tool to help you always stay on top of your global team's locations and timezones.

Our first products, like the Bay Area Teleport and Teleport for Startup Cities, have been more focused on solving relocation issues for individuals first. However, as Team Teleport is currently spread over five different countries, we know the challenges of effective remote teamwork all too well. Teleport Flock was our first tool specifically made for lending a hand to remote groups by making organizing global team meetups almost entirely hassle-free. We’re positive that Teleport Sundial will be a worthy companion to it by making timezone synchronizing easier for our fellow distributed teams out there.

How does it work?

After you’ve signed up for Teleport Sundial and created a group, you can invite your team members to join it - we’ll send them an email explaining what it is and they’ll get a link to add themselves to the team. After they have done so, they can fill in their profile including their location.

After your team members have joined Teleport Sundial, you’ll be able to see two main views - map view and timezone view. The map view will show all of their locations on the map. When you hover over a team member, you’ll see the time where they are and the time they were last seen.


The other side is the timezone view, which gives you a collective overview of all of the team members’ timezones, all on one page. This is great for organizing meetings and other events to make sure it fits into everyone’s daily schedule. In addition to seeing the actual times, the vertical bar across time zones will change colour according to the time of day when you drag it across to indicate the convenience for the team member given normal working hours.


If you’re a Teleport for Startup Cities user and have allowed the app to use your actual location, then the next time you power up the app, we’ll update your location in Teleport Sundial as well - this way your location is always up to date.

Want to organize an actual meetup for your Teleport Sundial Group? In the map view, you’ll see a “get this team together” button, which will take your whole team and their locations straight into Teleport Flock to find out what your optimal meeting place should be.

We would love your feedback about Teleport Sundial! If you have any comments or ideas, let us know in the comments or by dropping us an email at contact@teleport.org!

Here's a quick sneak peek demo at Sundial: