It's podcast time! For this episode we sat down in lovely London to have a chat with Joséphine Goube, director of partnerships at Migreat - the true one stop shop for visa and immigration information.

Joséphine grew up in a small town in France and then moved to Paris to study political science. After that she worked in New York for a while and returned to France to do a master's degree in urban planning, followed by another master's degree in London! During her time in London she met a lot of entrepreneurs as well as starting her own incubator for entrepreneurs – and decided to stay.

Not long afterwards she met Marco Muccini, the founder of Migreat, and they instantly hit it off when they realized they shared the same ideas – society is moving towards flexibility, and yet, that flexibility is still very inequally accessible. Therefore, they decided to join forces in making the immigration process easier for everyone.

Joséphine tells us more about Migreat, who they have in the team and what the company offers. Hint: if you're looking for that one magical place to solve all of your visa and immigration issues and questions and help you with the entire process, Migreat's it!

We also chat a bit about the research Joséphine has been doing on startup visas, discuss the main issues that startup employees and entrepreneurs face when looking for visa advice and talk through the main conclusions – believe it or not, no research has previously been done on this topic! We go over the different existing options for entrepreneurs and discuss which countries have the best (and the worst) visa programs happening right now.

Since we recorded this episode in wonderful, rainy London, we appropriately dive into the new UK immigration law rules starting in 2016 – Joséphine tells us her view on these changes and how they might affect life in the UK.

To not end the podcast on too much of a negative note, we finish off by discussing the highlights of current immigration events – the good, the great and the awesome!

Also, keep a look out for us talking a bit about Teleport and Migreat being a match made in heaven – there are some interesting things happening and we'll give you a little teaser as to what you can look forward to!

Happy listening!

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