If you’re both a Teleport Cities mobile app and Teleport Sundial user, you can now have your location automatically updated in both by enabling location tracking. Or if your team has adopted Sundial, but you haven’t had a need for the mobile search functions before - just get the app for iOS or Android today, log in and let it be.

Enabling background location tracking in Teleport Cities mobile app is now especially useful for Teleport Sundial users - if you turn on location tracking in the mobile app, it means that your city and timezone will be automatically updated in Teleport Sundial as well without you even having to log in.

You can enable your background location tracking in the mobile app by going to your Profile > Settings > Location Settings.


Enabled location tracking allows you to travel around and have your location automatically updated in both the mobile app and Sundial - this way your team members will always know where you are without having to keep them manually updated.


As for battery usage while tracking - worry not! We’ve worked hard to make sure the location tracking feature uses as little of your battery power as possible - you shouldn’t notice any changes in your normal phone use.

Go ahead, try it out! If you have any comments or feedback, drop us an email at contact@teleport.org!