We’ve just released New York Teleport to help you find your cost & commute optimal place to live in and around NYC - try out the bagel-warm public beta now and tell us what you think!

Every since we released the Bay Area Teleport last November, New York has been the #1 requested next city you've asked us to cover with our urban-area-level life search. We got a little busy earlier this year gathering the global cost & quality of life data in startup cities around the world but now it is time to zoom in again and say welcome to the Big Apple!

New York Teleport helps you save money and time by finding the best place to live in New York City - just tell us where you work and live right now and we will do the math for you to make sure you find an affordable place with the shortest commute.


There are several filters you can add to calculate your best place in New York, including housing, commuting, transportation, food and nightlife, culture, fitness and safety - based on your preferences of those aspects, New York Teleport will give you a list of the best area matches for you in the city. If you can think of any other filters you’d like to see, you can let us know under the “add filters” tab and we’ll get on it.


When you’ve submitted your current location and work place and toggle your filters, your map will color code areas in NY to let you know which are the best suit for what you need.

Your results list will be sorted by best match by default, but you can also sort it by commute, rent price, availability, total time or total money - whichever aspect is most important to you personally. And then there is the fancy stuff like picking your favourite life spot candidates into a list, sharing links to results with friends, etc -- you'll see once you get there.

Go ahead - try it out! And as per usual, if you have any questions, comments or feedback at all, please don’t hesitate to drop us a note at contact@teleport.org!