We just kicked off our developer program! As a first teaser: check out how to add Teleport Widgets (life quality data about cities) to your website in 10 seconds.


We set out to build the world’s largest pool of life quality data and help people make decisions on it (starting with our fancy UI’s). We’re already using 130+ different data dimensions from 60+ different sources, all updated periodically. Our global sources include the World Bank, World Health Organization, United Nations, Reporters Without Borders, OpenStreetMap, GeoNames, OpenFlights, Heritage Foundation, AngelList, Airbnb, Seed-DB and others. On top of these we augment the sets with things like laws & regulations, real estate prices and recruitment market data from local sources from countries around the world.

There are so many questions this data could provide answers to and honestly, we think it’s going to take the creativity of our developer community to figure out all the right questions and the answers. That’s why we’re going to start opening up access to our data through APIs and see what you guys can build on top of them.

Working with geographical data is not always fun - values are missing, things are not normalized, standards differ, timezones are a mess etc. We’ve had to solve quite a few of those problems and would love to see people out there not waste time solving the same problems. We want to release the good stuff - you know, the kind where you just add a few lines of API code and never have to think about the problem again. And that’s why we’re doing this gradually and with your help!

We’re starting off with Teleport Widgets - tiny little gems that you can add to your website to provide life quality data about cities (check out what our partners Human and TechMeAbroad have done). It doesn’t matter if you’re selling real estate, offering jobs or just providing information to international recruits.  The odds are that your users (those free people on the move) will benefit from the intuitive representation of life quality data we’ve put together on our city pages. Check out the Widgets section to see just how easy it is to set this up.

Next up we’ll be opening up access to our geocoding API.

But before we do, we want to hear all about what sort of data or APIs you guys are interested in. What do you want to get access to? What would you love to integrate to your websites? Let us know at developers@teleport.org and let’s build that future together - a future where free people move!

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