You can now embed your team’s live Teleport Sundial map to your site. Check it out!

Teleport Sundial is the perfect tool to use internally for your team to be able to keep tabs on where and in which timezone everyone is currently in. We’ve already enabled sharing links for your maps, but we thought it would be even sweeter if you could take your team’s map and embed it on your site to make sure everyone who visits it gets a glimpse of how awesomely remote your team is.

All you need to do is go to your Sundial group and click on “share map” - this will give you a pop-up that also has the option to get the widget from the developers site.


Clicking on that will take you straight to the developers site and your group ID will already be waiting for you - then go ahead and take the generated code and copy it into your website.

copycodeAfter that, all that is left to do is kick back and enjoy the newest addition to your site. If you have any issues with using the widget, or general questions or comments, shoot us an email at!