Teleport Cities helps you discover your best place to live and work in. We order the  130+ most creative cities in the world based on how your personal preferences match our salary, jobs & life quality data.

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The mobile app we released in the spring is now also available for a big screen experience in your browser. If you’re a user of the mobile app, you already have your preferences stored and can get searching on the web right away. And if you haven’t used the mobile app, no worries: you can create a new account and pick your key preferences in a matter of seconds in the new web app.

After logging into your existing account or creating a brand new one on Teleport Cities, you can choose your personal preferences for cost and quality of life, including:

  • housing and accommodation prices with focus on fast moving rentals
  • startup job availability and salary offers
  • various living costs like food and entertainment
  • vibrancy of the startup scene and investment climate
  • timezone/flight distance from other places you need to frequent
  • local traffic and pollution levels
  • climate preferences
  • local language skills
  • safety and security
  • quality of internet
  • accessibility and quality of healthcare, education and other family related criteria
  • individual & corporate tax levels and other macroeconomic parameters

Based on those preferences, Teleport Cities will calculate the best city matches for you around the world - you can see your match score for each city in your results list. Feel free to play around with the preferences as much as you like - your results list will immediately update accordingly.

Living costs preferences


After you have found the optimal or even just a particularly intriguing city match, you can go ahead and drill into the details of the budget and life quality in that city, or any of the top 110 startup-friendly locations around the world.

London City Profile


And here’s the extra sweet part - once you know where you should be or want to go, you can contact our Teleport Scouts for help with executing the move and browse the Teleport Directory for moving tools and resources that will help make the process easier.

A version of this search experience is also available on mobile as iOS and Android apps.

Intrigued? Give it a try and let us know what you think - if you have any feedback or ideas, let us know at!