Dear friends of Teleport,

September has been busy!

Most importantly - lots of you told us you want to research your big moving decisions on a big screen as well, and we listened - the Teleport Cities mobile app we released in the spring is now also available in your browser! Bringing Teleport Cities to the web is a great deal to us - give it a whirl yourself or read more about it.

Speaking of cities, last month we rolled our Teleport Neighborhoods local search out in not just one, but two more cities - say hello to Los Angeles Teleport and Seattle Teleport.

We also caught up with some exciting people to chat about what they do - check out our newest podcast episode with Taavet Hinrikus from TransferWise as well as our interview with Emmanuel Guisset and Outsite.

On the topic of making new friends, we also kicked off a partnership with TransferWise to provide our users on the move with the quickest and cheapest way to move money between currencies! And, we have a special deal for our newsletter readers - if you click here, you get a free transfer up to the equivalent of £3000!

Make sure to check out our collection of links and interviews from this month below, and don't forget to keep your eye on our blog for the latest stories.


Elen Veenpere
Teleport marketing team


Our summary of interesting reads from September:


Free People Move (and read):

  • This awesome map interactive map lets you explore the history of migration for every country in the world.
  • When you’re first getting started learning to code, one of the hardest choices can be picking which language to start with.
  • The Digital Nomad Survey is a yearly snapshot of (location) independent workers and their culture.

Teleport One Line News:

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