In episode 12 of Teleport’s Free People Move podcast, Elen had a chat with Paul Veugen, CEO of Human - an activity tracker that inspires people to get out there and enjoy being active.

Human was founded almost 3 years ago, with the idea of putting more focus on the inspiration aspect than the apps available now are doing. The current space of trackers and health tech seems to be mostly focused on people who need it the least – athletes and people who are already active.

Human aspires to give people the chance to learn about their daily behaviour and make small changes in their lifestyle, that really help with getting in shape while enjoying it at the same time. A large part of Human’s main goal is creating an environment that helps everyone be more active and do a bit more every day.

We talk about the processes behind the app and how the activity tracking works, how you can get the most out of the features available, and what Human does with the collected data to demonstrate and visualize the activity in 900 cities around the world.

A common theme in Human’s outreach is “getting your 30 a day” - we discuss what that’s all about and why it’s so important, plus also go over the general health benefits of being more active. Hint: it’s never too late!

The team behind Human is also an incredibly interesting bunch of people – Paul tells us a bit about who's in the team, what they do, where they are located and how working at Human has changed their own views and habits when it comes to being active. And - since Human is also a distributed team (our favourite kind) we talk about their own tips and tricks for making sure everything runs smoothly in their everyday work.

As you might have noticed, there’s also a little Teleport-Human cooperation going on - we discuss how and why our data complements each other and why Teleport and Human are pretty much a match made in heaven. Happy listening!

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