We've got some very exciting news to share with you today! Teleport Flock is one of the World Summit Awards Winners 2015 in the Culture & Tourism category.

The World Summit Award selects and promotes the world’s best e-Content and innovative information and communication technology applications. The award is partnered with the key United Nations organizations and agencies; to date more than 178 countries are actively involved.

More than 400 submissions participated in this year's WSA contest, so we're especially proud of Teleport Flock being chosen as one of the best. Also, the warmest congratulations go out from Team Teleport to a fellow Estonian startup Testlio, who also made it to the winning list!

In 2013, there were two Estonian winners as well - TransferWise and GoSwift, and we're very happy Estonia is continuously well represented this year.

You can see a list of all this year's winners here, and Teleport Flock's WSA profile here.

Haven't seen Teleport Flock in action yet? Here's a video of how it works. After you're done watching, try it out yourself!