Is your city not one of the locations in Teleport Cities yet? Here’s how you can vote for it to make sure it ends up in the next batch of locations we add.

Teleport Cities now includes data on 115 most creative cities around the world. Having a city included in the app is useful because it means we collect data about the city to help you easily compare it to other places and discover and budget your next move.

We’re fans of democracy here at Teleport, so we always add new cities based on how many people have voted for them. Here’s how and where you can cast your vote to your favourite locations.

Voting in the web app

In the Teleport Cities web app, you can search for a city in the top right corner of the front page. If the city is not in our list yet, we’ll tell you, and you can cast a vote to bump it up in our list of cities to add. You can vote for a city even when you’re not logged in - you’ll just have to enter your email address.


After you’ve cast your vote, you’ll also be notified by email when the city has been added to the list.


Voting on mobile

In the Teleport Cities mobile app, you can find the search in the top right corner of your best city matches list.


If you search for a city that isn’t in the list yet, we’ll tell you on which place the city you’d like to see in the app currently ranks on, and you can also be notified by email once it gets there.


Voting on our website

If you want a quick search and vote without having to go on Teleport Cities, you can do it on our website as well. The search box is - you guessed it - at the top right corner of the page.


Searching for a city that’s not on the list yet will take you to Teleport Cities where you can cast your vote in just one click.

Besides doing your own voting, if you really, really want to see a city on the list soon, make sure you share the city pages with your friends so they can go ahead and cast their vote as well. The more the merrier!