What are your New Year’s resolutions? Is it something classic like losing weight or switching jobs? Whatever you’ve been thinking about, how about instead you move to a new location and achieve several goals at once? We’ll help you - here’s why.

Say you want to lose 20 pounds in 2016. That’s great - healthy lifestyles rule and we’re all for it! However, healthy weight loss is roughly 2 pounds in a week - therefore, it would take you 10 weeks or 2,3 months to reach your goal weight. Another traditional example is finding a new job, which is also a time consuming task - notifying your current employer of leaving, applying for new positions and then settling in once you’ve found it can take you several months, if not more.

The changes we want to make in a new period in our life (like a brand new year!) are usually massive, and most of the classic examples of individual promises people make to themselves generally require a substantial amount of effort and time to eventually reach a point where you’re satisfied with the results. We’ve got a better idea for you.


The idea of moving to your optimal place providing faster life quality improvement than most other things is actually quite simple - have a think about all of the things you want to do and achieve in your life, whether it’s this year, the next one, or the next one after that, and then ask yourself this - are you really in the right place for all that?

We probably know what you’re thinking - moving to another city or country is also a huge undertaking, especially if you don’t have a specific destination in mind or the information and help available to assist you with getting there.

“Moving to a different place would take me way longer than a few months. I ain’t got time for that.” - You right now, probably

Why would you choose moving - this massive, daunting task - over all the other, seemingly less effort consuming things like getting fit, being happier, doing better in your work life, learning a new language and so on? Because moving to your optimal place can actually solve these problems for you all at once, without having to deal with them separately - you will actually be killing probably more than two birds (your goals) with one big-ass stone (relocating to your perfect place in the world).

  • Need to find a job and feel more productive? Move!
  • Plan to have a more balanced life in an environment that makes you happier? Move!
  • Want to learn a new language or skill you can’t in your current location? Move!
  • Want your business or startup to survive? Move - and also, check out Teleport Runway to calculate how your startup’s runway could potentially extend if you relocated - for just a little inspiration.

Now, let’s talk about about the terrifying idea of undertaking such a huge commitment and the lack of information and help that we previously mentioned. What if someone told you exactly where the place for all your specific needs is and then helped you relocate there with a lot less pain in the butt? We can help you out with that.

Get started right now with these three steps:

1) Find your ideal city in the world to live in with Teleport Cities. Make an account if you haven’t got one yet, choose the things that you care about most (is it climate, traffic, language skills, tolerance, education…?) and tell us a bit about where you currently live and what your financial situation is. Teleport Cities will then calculate your best cities in the world, specifically based on your needs, complete with a ton of data and information about each location. Nifty, right?


2) Once you’ve chosen your new location, contact a Teleport Scout - they’re friendly local experts working with Teleport, standing by to help you with anything you may need when planning a move. Our entire team knows all too well that moving, especially if it’s between countries or even continents, can be a daunting task that requires an insane amount of digging for information that you might not have the time or resources for - that’s what Scouts are here for.

3) Be a few good steps closer to being happier and more productive.

Team Teleport is dedicated to making big decisions - like moving to another city - as easy as painless as possible. We can’t promise we’ll teleport you to your new location in the matter of weeks, but what we can do is drastically reduce the time required for this process - a process that will help you achieve several of your goals at once.

If you’ve been thinking that you’d like to be somewhere else, a place more suitable for your needs, but haven’t done it yet because you’re intimidated by the sheer amount of tasks, research and effort needed, then we’re here to help with both finding your next destination and getting there. Fast. With no bullcrap included. It doesn’t have to be hard - do it with us for a better new year!