We’ve got a very exciting tool for team budget planning straight out of the oven - Teleport Runway helps you see how your team budget in your current city compares to other locations around the world.

Salaries and other costs vary heavily in different cities around the world, and sometimes your first choice or current location for building your team might not actually be the most efficient or optimal one.

With Teleport Runway, you can compare your current office location and the salaries connected to your team members to the corresponding costs in other cities to see how moving your team would change your burn rate and what it would do to your company’s runway.


The budget calculator takes into account your current cash in hand, annual salaries of your team members as well as taxes and services (social taxes and healthcare, office rent and buffer).

Teleport Runway is on ProductHunt as well, and we would love to start a discussion with you over there to hear your feedback and any questions you might have. Come join the fun!

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