Today is a very special birthday for a very special occasion - exactly one year has passed since British journalist Edward Lucas became the world’s first e-resident and the Estonian e-Residency program was officially launched.

As of today, more than 7200 people from 121 countries have joined and Estonian e-residents have established more than 240 new companies. More than 530 entrepreneurs use e-Residency to administer their businesses.

The collaboration between Teleport and the e-Residency program is just fresh out of the oven - as of right now, you can create a brand new account on Teleport Cities with both a regular Estonian ID card as well as an e-Residency card, or connect your ID card to your previously created Teleport account.

In the coming weeks, E-residents will also get a special badge next to their name on Teleport when communicating inside the app, such as answering or asking questions in our Ask a Local community or communicating to Teleport Scouts - friendly local experts to help people with their move.

Our Tallinn Scouts have already started helping out and answering questions from e-Residents, with cases like getting a real residence, starting companies, etc.

Teleport currently provides income, living costs & quality of life data on 120+ cities around the world to help people discover the cities that best match their needs. Collaborating with the e-Residency program means we can provide value to existing and new e-Residents as well as rely on their experience and knowledge, and add another useful access point into our product.

We'll keep you updated about new changes to this exciting cooperation!