The best in innovation and entrepreneurial cooperation between Estonians and Americans was celebrated on January 27th, and Teleport walked out with the title of Most Innovative Newcomer!

This was the 5th annual competition which was initiated in 2011 as a cooperative project of AmCham Estonia, the Baltic-American Freedom Foundation, and the U.S. Embassy, and recognizes innovation by Estonians in partnership with Americans in a broad range of fields.

The competition was open to Estonian residents, firms, and organizations that have distinguished themselves through innovation in collaboration with a U.S. counterpart. Teleport has founders as well as investors with both Estonian and US backgrounds, we’re registered in both countries, and as a distributed team we have employees all over the world including Estonia and the US (not to mention our very latest “team members” - some of our employees’ kids with both Estonian and US passports).

We were chosen as one of the five finalists along with four other fantastic companies, and received the Most Innovative Newcomer Award, including a nifty trophy for the office.

awardstenPhoto by Sergei Krasii

Big congratulations to TransferWise for taking home the prize for the 2016 Estonian American Innovation Award and Garage48 for receiving the Facebook Creativity Recognition Award!

Check out the video of the five finalists of 2016, produced by Tallinn Baltic Film and Media School: