We like good data. You like good data. That’s why we’ve kicked off an extra sweet collaboration with Funderbeam that will make your Teleport Cities experience even better. Here’s what’s up.


Teleport is all about helping you find your best place to live and work. To do that, we need to provide a ton of information. Where do we get it from? Well, among other things - from other majestic startups who have the stuff you want to see.

Funderbeam collects and processes data on startups and their life pulse around the world (here’s an example of a startup profile). They have data on 150,000+ startups and 20,000+ investors worldwide. People use it to X-ray startups, discover competitors, and track significant updates among companies of interest.

In the background, Funderbeam combines private and public research with big-data analysis, smart algorithms, and machine learning to squeeze the most meaning out of opaque company information.

On our side - among other great stuff - is a startup scene activity section on every city profile that we want to fill with information as useful and thorough as possible. Funderbeam has it. Basically, we’re a match made straight up in heaven.

We went on a few dates and decided we like each other a lot, so — now we pipe information about startup scenes around the world straight from Funderbeam’s database and display it on our city profiles.

Here’s what this magical union looks like with Tallinn, for example:

funderbeamtallLook at that sexy spiky graph.

In addition to clear data on the city’s overall startup scene, you can click on company logos and jump right to their Funderbeam profile for a closer look. Go give it a whirl yourself on any city profile — it’s pretty awesome.

By the way - in addition to being on collecting and processing startup data like white on rice, Funderbeam is now also building the world’s startup marketplace, combining company data, syndicated investing, and the planet’s first token-based trading. The marketplace is set to launch in a couple of months, but Funderbeam’s data-intelligence product on startups and investors is available right now. Keep your eyes peeled, y’all!

Cool. Now what? Well, you can: