How could we go into 2016 and not do an overview of the 10 most read posts on our blog in 2015? Here they are!

Not only does revisiting last year’s best content remind us of what we were thinking about during the first full year for Team Teleport, it’s also been fun looking back and seeing which of our stories resonated with you the most, and therefore - what our keyboard-wielding content wizards should keep writing about in the upcoming year.

These are the stories you loved the most in 2015:

Good luck being born tomorrow

97% of people born tomorrow will be in a country that is authoritarian, communist, doesn’t support same sex marriage, does not allow abortion, supports capital punishment or has seen over ten thousand deaths in recent armed conflicts. Good luck!


Best sites for finding your dream remote job

We put together a list of remote job sites as well as sites with a remote filter to tell you what they’re for, how well they work and also added a comparison table in the end to give you a quick overview - check it out!


AI will reorganize the human population

According to Elon Musk, in three to five years, we’ll most likely overcome most of the technical challenges for fully autonomous cars. Silver predicts that long before that, AI will get involved in human mobility and migration.


Another kind of Silicon Valley exit

“Lately I have been asking myself more and more – why am I in Silicon Valley? The living costs are getting ridiculous and at the end of the day I’m mostly just sitting behind a computer. There must be a place similarly suited for me. I decided to test this theory by spending some time away from Silicon Valley.”


Teleport’s favorite tools for remote teamwork

Having everyone in the same room is a rare luxury for the very remote Team Teleport – we have to turn to some awesome remote teamwork tools to make sure our communications don’t break down because of async channels and differences in time zones. Here they are.


The three initial roadblocks of remote work (and how to overcome them)

Landing a remote job sounds like the epic personal freedom you’ve been looking for – there’s no need to go to an office, your work hours are flexible and you can do your stuff from home, a coffee shop, or even a beach. However, if you’ve never done it before, it can also be a nightmare.


The fading American dream

Imagine telling an audience of young people struggling with their US immigration process that you just gave up on your green card process a few months short of adjustment of status. That’s exactly what Silver did at the Startup Weekend Immigration event in San Francisco.


Why do we lie about laptops on the beach?

Today, computers are much more portable than they used to be, but you still can’t use laptops in a way movie producers and marketers show us. It’s not possible to work properly in direct sunlight and besides that, sand will jam your trustworthy electronic partner’s input channels in minutes. So, why do we lie with pictures?


Leaked memo on Teleport lessons

A few of Team Teleport’s “aha!-s” both big and small. The aim for publishing this to the outside world was two-fold. First, some specific lessons might be beneficial for fellow entrepreneurs targeting some aspect of the human mobility space. But secondly, we would love to hear any further reactions from our users living the increasingly location independent lives.


Slipping away

“I am ten thousand twelve kilometers away from home. Yet I am home.”

For more than eighteen years of his life, Karim has lived in several cities different from where he was born and, for at least fourteen, he has mainly spoken a language other than his own. These are his thoughts on the pains and gains of a nomadic lifestyle.


That’s it, folks! Hopefully you found a few gems that you hadn’t seen before, or got to revisit some of your favourite ones. Did we leave out something that you really enjoyed? Which topics would you like us to write about more this year? Let us know!