We get a lot of questions and comments about certain locations not being on Teleport Cities yet. Here’s how you can make sure that your favourite cities get in on the action.

Currently, there are 134 locations on Teleport Cities. These places don’t end up in the app depending on our developers’ mood or the lunar cycle - we add new cities based on how many people vote for them. Your personal vote is already helpful, but the more the merrier - so, if you’re really determined, it’s about getting your friends, family and the local community excited as well.

Last week we saw a great example of how it should be done - VIT Emprende, Valencia’s network of innovative entrepreneurs, found it absolutely criminal that this beautiful Spanish city isn’t included in our list yet, and shared a shoutout on Twitter and their website to get people to vote for



In less than a week, we got a whopping 162 votes for Valencia. Did we add it to Teleport Cities pretty much immediately afterwards? You betcha we did. That’s the kind of initiative and enthusiasm we are looking for - and now it’s your turn!

As a matter of fact, you can do it right now - in the top right corner of this page you will see a search box. Go on, enter a city. If it's in the app, you'll end up on the city page. If not, you can vote right away - and you should!

Do you feel like Teleport Cities is missing an awesome location - whether it’s your home town, a place you’ve lived in for a while or just a city you believe could be a useful and amazing asset for Teleport users to discover? Get the word about voting out there and join your forces!