Teleport is taking a big step today towards helping you make your next move. Welcome Teleport Zen, a personalized moving checklist and guide.

Since launching Teleport Cities last year, we have mostly been concentrating on exploration, helping you find your best place around the world. Now it is time to fix move execution, to get you where you need to be.


Moving to a new city is exciting, but the process of getting there can be daunting - it consists of a huge amount of small and unknown tasks mixed between bigger and obvious ones. Often, the timing and sequence matters to get everything done right.

Teleport Zen gives control over the moving process back to you and removes unnecessary stress. You can use it as free software with a pre-populated to do list and an expert guide to manage every step of your move. Should you get stuck on a task, Teleport Scouts and professional service providers are a click away to help you out.

Teleport Zen lets you:

  • start with a customized, detailed and pre-populated moving task list - for free
  • edit and organize tasks in the planning stage of your move, during the actual move, and after, when settling in
  • save your personal notes and research results by attaching them to tasks
  • track task completion progress towards your move date and other deadlines
  • request help from a Teleport Scout in case you get stuck or prefer to delegate any task
  • quickly contact recommended service providers from a curated list to request a quote or order their products to solve any part of your move

We’re very excited to be taking this big step towards actually helping you realize your moves, and hopefully Teleport Zen will be a great companion when planning your next adventure. Try it out, and let us know what you think!