In December last year, we had our first ever Teleport user meetup in San Francisco, which was super cool beyond all our expectations. We couldn't resist organizing another one - this time in The Big Apple!

Last time we hogged the entire event for ourselves, but this time we were joined by our friends at Hitlist and Roam to make it an extra special event. If you're not quite sure who's who yet:

Teleport helps you move to your best place to live and work.

Roam is a global network of communal living spaces.

Hitlist alerts you when there are cheap flights to the places you'd like to go.

Sounds like a triple match made in heaven, doesn't it? And it really was! We had a great turnout of people - friends and users of all three of us - and a fun night of hanging out and having a chat with a bunch of lovely people about location independence, remote work, digital nomadism, traveling and tech.

Check out the crowd (plus a bonus puppy)!

nymeetup(Photo by Ede Schank Tamkivi)

The best part of making this a joint event between three startups was the discovery bit - we had folks who had joined because of Roam, but then discovered Teleport and Hitlist as well; some of our own users who hadn't heard of Hitlist and were fascinated by Roam and so on.

Similarly to our first meetup, we started out with a little intro about what all three of us do, followed by a round of Q and A, and to finish the night on a networking note - some beers and general chatting. Not only did we make a bunch of new friends, but we also scored some new Teleport Scouts into our ranks!

Huge thanks to Gillian for making us space at the Gramercy House (check it out - it's a really cool co-living and event space) and of course - kudos to everyone who came to hang out!

If you weren't in New York but want in on the Teleport meetup fun by organizing one in your city as well, drop us a note at - we'll help you set it up!

meetup1(Photo by Silver Keskk├╝la)

nymeetup2(Photo by Ede Schank Tamkivi)