We take every single bit of feedback from our users very seriously. This includes people who are hilariously blunt with their opinions.

A few months ago we received a particularly spicy comment about one of our products. After having a chat about it, we decided to turn our frown upside down and look at the situation from a bit of a more light-hearted position.

Inspired by the “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” series by Jimmy Kimmel Live, we gathered the most epic mean comments about Teleport from various feedback channels, and gave them to our team members to read out loud.

Here are the results.

In case you were wondering – we are in no way actually offended by any of these comments. All of them are a good example of varied opinions and levels of being outspoken, and provide a moment of entertainment as well as serious thinking points.

There’s really no way of being liked by everyone. Fellow startups out there – keep your chin up and keep focusing on the good stuff!