We’ve rebuilt some preference selections in Teleport Cities to make defining your personal requirements more convenient and less cluttered.

The preferences you choose in Teleport Cities before starting your discovery process are the basis for everything that’ll happen next – you can choose exactly what matters to you from 180 different data dimensions, squeezed into one tool bar.

Since that same toolbar includes a ton of different categories and filters within them, we wanted to make the toggling process and general view a little less busy, more convenient to use and easy on the eye. Here’s what’s new.

You can choose which categories are active in your list

Instead of all categories being immediately visible in your sidebar, you can now add them yourself to make sure your list doesn’t get too long or cluttered with things that are not that important to you. Everything else will stay deactivated and not visible until you decide to add it.

PS: deactivating a category doesn’t lose the selections you’ve made within it in the past – if you decide to activate it again later, all your filter selections will still be there.


To add stuff into your main category list, just click on the “Add categories” button, and find whatever you’re looking for.

You can make categories high priority

Activating “high priority” means that this category will have a higher overall impact (3x the relative weight) on your match score than the other categories you might have activated. You can find the “category has high priority” toggle in the top of each category detail view.


If you’ve chosen a category to be high priority, you’ll see the little star icon indicating it next to the category name in the main list as well.

Impact of filters on your match list

If you see a little lightning bolt icon on some of your preferences, that means you have activated a filter inside the category that limits the number of cities in your result list.


By having this icon in sight, you know exactly which categories to toggle if you want to increase the amount of city matches.

Sometimes your ideal city is a bit too ideal and doesn’t actually exist – you might want permanently sunny weather, impeccable startup scene, cheap housing and clean air in one place, but it’s a lot to ask for. Try letting loose on some of the more restricting filters and see what happens.

New preference toolbar design

In addition to everything else, we made the category detail views just look a bit nicer in general, because… why not?


Data layers wise, you haven’t missed anything big – yet. Check back and keep an eye on the preferences to stay up to date with any new layers.

As a sneaky spoiler, we can tell you that we have some natural features layers (mountains, seasides…) coming up as well as data that helps the LGBT community evaluate how friendly different cities would be towards them. Stay tuned!

How did we do? Have any ideas, comments or questions about the changes? Drop us a line at contact@teleport.org.