Once a month we’ll give you a short update about what’s been happening in team Teleport during the past four weeks. Enjoy!


Parag Khanna joins Teleport as an advisor

Parag Khanna – a leading global strategist, world traveler, TED speaker and best-selling author – has joined team Teleport as an advisor, assisting us with product development and communicating our message to the world. Read more…


Team Teleport reads mean feedback

A few months ago we received a particularly spicy comment about one of our products. After having a chat about it, we decided to turn our frown upside down and look at the situation from a bit of a more light-hearted position. Read more…

Launch: Teleport Eightball – your personal salary calculator

When moving, one of the most practical pieces of information is the salary comparison, so we decided to zoom in on that particular phase of exploration. Everyone, say hi to Teleport Eightball – your personal, yet global salary calculator. Read more…


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