Who can we blame for Brexit? What are the consequences of political dishonesty? How should we deal with the current state of chaos? Is e-Narnia real? What should governments do to attract the increasingly location independent population?

The world has reached a time of globalization – free movement of goods, services, people and information. Technology has played a huge role in helping all of that along – what’s coming next?

This year’s topic of the traditional symposium, Quo vadis, Estonia?, was Development in the Digital Age – including the recent developments in light of Brexit.

The two halves of the event included:

  1. Toomas Hendrik Ilves, President of Estonia, and Teleport’s CEO Sten Tamkivi discussing the developments of digital age and matters.
  2. The President and Matthew Kaminski, Executive Editor of Politico’s European edition, sharing their reflections on Brexit and the influence it will have on the world.

quovadisPhoto: Jaanus Lensment

Here’s a quick overview of the topics discussed – make sure to watch the video of the event at the end of the post!

Development in the digital age

  • How has the world – economy, politics, traditional power relationships etc – changed in the past 25 years?
  • The issue of technology and innovation fighting with the regulatory environment
  • The need for a digital single market in Europe
  • What are the underlying reasons of more people moving around?
  • The increasing complexity of location decisions based on individual needs and preferences
  • How does Teleport data help us understand and analyze current events (such as Brexit)?
  • What are the challenges countries face when competing for talent?
  • How does e-residency help with location independence?
  • Is the attractiveness of brand name locations going down, and why?
  • The increasing importance of identity in a world with more freedom of movement between countries
  • The expectations for “e-narnia” versus the reality
  • How do we see services like Teleport potentially becoming more integrated with e-residency?
  • What is the next idea for country as a service?
  • Which other countries would team up with Estonia and country as a service?

Check out Sten’s slides on the topic:

Brexit and its consequences

  • First reactions to Brexit – on a personal level as well as from other countries
  • Is the current chaos and the blow to liberal values and institutions inevitable and fatal?
  • What does it mean for Estonia to lose Britain as a strong ally?
  • What is the possibility of Brexit not even happening?
  • The implications of Brexit on the free movement of people
  • The issues with non-binding referendums and political dishonesty
  • What will Europe be like without London/UK in the block?
  • Who should take charge of the divorce talks with Britain?
  • How are we going to safeguard the Estonian vision of prospering in the new digital world with the chaos around us?
  • The “romantic” leave campaign versus hard facts from those who wanted to stay – what does the choice say about the state of the society?
  • After Brexit, is there more likely going to be a new push for Estonian collaboration with the Nordics, Baltics and other countries?

Watch the video of the event below – Sten and the President’s discussion starts at 04:20 and the Brexit discussion is at 2:17:00.


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Jaga Video