It’s time for another batch of locations added into Teleport Cities. We’re getting more and more ambitious with the amount of cities we add at a timecheck out these 38 new places you can now discover!

Having more cities in the app is great because it means you have more locations to discover and compare.

If you have any other ideas for cities that aren’t in the list yet but that you’d like to see, you can cast a vote for them to make sure they get there read more about how to vote for a city here.

This time around, the continent winners were definitely North America and Europe we added 16 cities from both, and then a handful from other parts of the world as well. Feel free to click on the city names to explore them in detail. Here’s what we’ve got:


In North America, we added:


In Europe, we now have:


In Asia, we added:


In Africa, there’s now:


And, last, but definitely not least, in South America, we added Florianopolis.

Also, if you want to get your city to be in the next bunch of locations we add, vote for it inside the app to give it a push and don’t forget to invite your friends to do the same – the more the merrier!

For any suggestions on how we can improve the app and its features, we’re always ready for a chat at!

Image credits:

Aarhus – photo by Calvin Smith / CC BY

Anchorage – photo by Wonderlane / CC BY

Beirut – photo by Joy Rahman / CC BY

Birmingham – photo by Eric / CC BY-SA

Boise – photo by SniperProgrammer / CC BY-SA

Bozeman – photo by Laura Scudder / CC BY-SA

Buffalo – photo by Jim Duell / CC BY-SA

Cairo – photo by Raduasandei / public domain

Cambridge – photo by Ben Kucinski / CC BY

Casablanca – photo by Ninara / CC BY

Chattanooga – photo by Daniel Schwen / CC BY-SA

Chennai – photo by Aleksandr Zykov / CC BY-SA

Cork – photo by William Murphy / CC BY-SA

Des Moines – photo by Carl Wycoff / CC BY

Dresden – photo by Oleg Brovko / CC BY

Eugene – photo by Byron Hetrick / CC BY-SA

Florianapolis – photo by Francisco Anzola / CC BY

Fort Collins – photo by Paul L Dineen / CC BY

Gdansk – photo by Ting Chen / CC BY-SA

Grenoble – photo by Vinicius Pinheiro / CC BY-SA

Hannover – photo by Gero Winkelmann / CC BY

Karlsruhe – photo by Christian Reimer / CC BY-SA

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria – photo by El Coleccionista de Instantes / CC BY-SA

Lille – photo by Alexis Macgraigne / CC BY

Liverpool – photo by Andrew / CC BY

Louisville – photo by David Amsler / CC BY

Lviv – photo by Andrii Zymohliad / CC BY-SA

Nairobi – photo by Stuart Price / public domain

Naples – photo by Nicola / CC BY

Omaha – photo by Katrina J Houdek / CC BY-SA

Oxford – photo by Tejvan Pettinger / CC BY

Provicence – photo by Timothy Burling / CC BY

Rochester – photo by Nathan Bittinger / CC BY

Saskatoon – photo by CLS Research Office / CC BY-SA

Tampere – photo by Karim Heredia / CC BY

Victoria – photo by Madeleine Deaton / CC BY

Winnipeg – photo by Robert Linsdell / CC BY

Wroclaw – photo by Lukaszprzy / CC BY-SA