We called up Roman Kalyakin, co-founder of Flystein, the “genius powered flight search”, to chat about what Flystein does, how they do it, and how it makes traveling on a budget a whole lot easier.

Besides giving the podcast a listen, make sure you check out the guest post team Flystein wrote for us about the flight hacks every traveler should know.

Here are the topics we covered:

  • Roman and his background in the flight industry
  • How the idea for Flystein was born
  • What does the flight search process look like and what are the different use cases?
  • How is Flystein unique compared to other similar solutions?
  • The biggest challenges of constant traveling
  • Where do the flight experts come from and how are they so good at it?
  • How does communication work in a team all over the world?
  • Future plans for Flystein

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